Bath Bombs 101

A bath bomb is a mixture of wet and dry ingredients that fizz when they come in contact with water. The wet ingredients are usually essential or fragrance oils, moisturizers and/or colorants. The main dry ingredients are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. When dissolved in water, those two produce an acid-base reaction that converts the citric acid and sodium bicarbonate to sodium citrate and carbon dioxide. Science baby!!! This reaction can last several minutes and can be quite satisfying to watch when several colorants are added to the bath bomb mixture.

Bath bombs may also contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA), a gentle surfactant. SLSA acts as a foaming and cleansing ingredient that produces bubbles and lather.

They may also include cream of tartar, which is a baking ingredient and stabilizer. When added to bath bombs, cream of tartar hardens them, which makes them less likely to break when stored or shipped. Also known as potassium bitartrate, cream of tartar has been recognized by the FDA as a generally safe product when used as intended.

Another common ingredient found in bath bombs is Polysorbate 80 which acts as an emulsifier. It is what keeps the colorants in bath bombs from staining your bath tub after a relaxing bath.

Nowadays, you should be able to find a bath bomb in any shape or theme that you desire. Whether it's for Easter, Halloween, Christmas, children parties, or dessert inspired, you are sure to find one designed to fit your celebration. 

Using a bath bomb can help you unwind and destress, promoting relaxation. Some may also provide relief against certain skin conditions. They are usually well tolerated by all skin types. But keep in mind that some of the additives mentioned above may cause irritation.

Make sure you purchase your bath bombs from a trusted maker, such as Fave Creations to ensure that your skin care products contain no harmful chemicals.

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